Every time I do something kind, people will either tilt their heads at me or ask “why?” Today I realized that I have been conditioned to always have an answer prepared as to why I have done something kind. But from now on I will answer myself and others by saying, “kindness does not need an explanation.”
Kindness, in my books, is a selfish act in a way. There is a kindness that people are when it benefits them in a way (such as a girl being kind to a boy if she thinks he will love her more.) There is a kindness that people are when it doesn’t create an interference (such as driving someone home after work because it is already on their way home.) And then there is a kindness that seems completely selfless such as being nice to someone when you know you will get nothing in return or driving someone home even though it will add an extra 20 minutes to your commute home. But still, there is a bit of selfishness in these acts of kindness because when it’s truly done from the heart, you find the purest form of joy.
I have a desire to help others decrease sadness and increase their joy. So here I want to take the time to say that being kind is the first step to finding your own happiness. And I mean being kind in a way that inconveniences you or won’t get you something in return. The next step is to find your passion. Because God has placed a passion in each one of us. This passion is the purpose in which he created us for. Think about it, so many people are passionate about singing and each person who pursues that passion ends up singing a song or songs that contribute to the world in a positive way. Whether it be in fame or at a church, their passions give them purpose after they use it for contribution.
Connect with yourself and connect with God. Stay focused on God’s truth and put the lies on extinction.

Matthew 6:33
Ephesians 2:10
1 Peter 4:10-11
Genesis 20:13
Ephesians 4:32
Proverbs 11:17
Proverbs 31:26

#Kindness #Joy #Happiness #Scripture #Love #Passionate #Wisdom #Inspirational #Life

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