The God-intended person you should be. Fearless and powerful.

(Years ago) I used to hear the word “sin” and think “dang, a betrayal against God. Going to have to deal with the punishment and work to get that forgiveness and salvation again.” Being a Christian was exhausting. Wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it anymore at times. Why work so hard for God when my life was always a mess?

Raising my daughter taught me a lot about God’s love and about His character. And till this day, I get consumed and distracted with life, forgetting what God has already taught me. But his love is so unconditional that he never gets tired of restoring my soul with His truth. I was stressing the other night about needing to connect and talk with someone about some stuff I was worrying about. I sat at my computer, ready to type, but nothing was coming out. My daughter came and sat at the table and said she had something to tell me.

“Mommy, I was watching scary stuff on the tablet today. I saw 5 scary videos… and now I am scared to go take a shower by myself and I don’t want to sleep in my bed alone. Are you mad at me?”

The words that God taught me a few years ago came straight out “Sin is its own punishment babe. I’m here FOR you… not to ever hurt you.” #ChristLike

I explained to her that I placed rules down to keep her from facing the consequences of these “sins.” Not to keep her from having any “fun” and then punishing her if she ever disobeyed me.

“So, let’s over-power the fear with courage.”

I asked her about the scary videos, we turned them into comedies, made fun of all the characters, and then reminded her of God’s truth: He’s always with us, God tells us to have NO FEAR, He has overcome evil with good, etc.…

All of this reminded me of the woman God has always intended for me to be. A fearless woman regardless of the experiences I’ve dealt with in life. It reminded me how the words and actions of others can easily sneak in and — in a way — overpower Gods truth and power. Someone will tell us “What’s the use?” “Are you sure you can do it?” “Maybe try another dream.” “Not sure if you’re capable.” And it completely drifts us away from the person God intends for us to be. The words of others quickly become the words we speak to ourselves. They become our beliefs and then they become our lifestyle.

He created us, He knows us better than we know ourselves, He gave us the abilities, passions, drive, and desires! If the world says “no,” but God says “Yes,” then it’s a yes!

Here I was, stressing about needing to talk to someone and God sent in my 7-year-old daughter to remind me of what He’s taught me before. Staying up till 10pm and talking with her was a simple and beautiful reminder that He is always with us and knows what’s in our hearts. Just as His word promises.

Look at the person you are when you worry, stress, try to control uncontrollable things, react out of anger, etc…. and look at the life it creates for you.

Look at the person you are when you smile, knowing God’s got you, knowing it’s His truth that is running your life instead of the words of others or the lies you tell yourself at times and then look at the lifestyle it creates.

Be who God created you to be and live the life God intended for you to live… don’t settle for less.

Joshua 1:9

Psalm 145: 18-19

Isaiah 43:1

John 14:27

Romans 12:21

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