Why would a child be in a hospital if God could heal them through prayer? (From my book, The Open Letter)

Why would a child be in a hospital if God could heal them through prayer?

(“If God is the author of all truth, we need not be afraid to examine what might appear to be competing truth claims.” (The Integration of Psychology and Theology – J.D Carter, B. Narramore)

“Where the truth is, in so far as it is truth, there God is.” – Cervantes)


A question has sparked this prayer

A question has caused me to question You

If you are a powerful God

A loving and merciful God

Why are there children in hospitals?

Why are people sleeping on streets?

Why do we depend on doctors?

If you, through prayer, can meet our needs?

I don’t understand your power,

I don’t understand your love

It’s stated that it’s unconditional,

So, why is life so tough?

We gather in prayer for healing,

We gather in prayer for strength,

We gather in prayer for you to come through,

But, is prayer really all that it takes?

Why do we need hospitals?

If prayer will bring the healing?

Why do we need therapist’s?

If prayer will cure our feelings?

I guess what I’m really asking is

Why do our prayers get let down?

Some people who don’t pray at all,

Get healing all around.

Some people who never cease to stop,

Are ignored and so broken down…

What is the purpose of prayer?

How do you choose when to listen?

How do you choose when to answer some prayers?

And how do you choose when to dismiss them?

I’ve read in Matthew, Seventeen, Twenty

Faith the size of a mustard seed is plenty,

And yet sometimes it’s never enough,


Bring clarity to what we speak of.

God’s Response:

Your faith moves me in your direction

Not in the direction that you demand,

Your faithful prayer invites me in

But, doesn’t confirm your wanted plan.

I created the world you live in,

I created the people you see

My love is unconditional,

Which means you have the freedom to be.

Prayer unites us both,

Prayer connects my spirit with yours,

My power will lie within you,

This connection will open new doors.

Doors that evil has hidden,

Doors that will ignite your faith,

Doors that will show you truth,

That lives are not what’s at stake.

Your soul is what evil is after,

It’s your soul that evil will hit.

It uses physical death to fill others with pain,

And their souls to deteriorate.

So, you pray for me to come through,

You pray for me to intervene,

Your prayer leads me to save your soul,

But, you’re blinded by the scene.

You pray for your child to live,

As I watch evil sweep the streets,

I will comfort you in your healing,

And attend to your every need,

But I now hold on to your child,

As your anger blames it on me,

You say that I’m a liar,

Because your demands, I did not meet.

You say prayer doesn’t change things,

You say my love and power is weak,

You question whether I even exist,

Or if your lives even matter to me.

So, when should I take control of your day?

When your child is lying in pain?

Or when you’ve decided to drive while drunk?

To which you avoided the thought of my name.

When should I follow through with your demanded prayers?

As you pray for your relationship to be fixed,

You want me to heal the marriage,

When clearly your souls are at risk.

I aim for your souls to be healed,

I aim for your souls to be free,

I am here for you to experience true love,

Because evil will not let you be.


“We have hospitals for when we are attacked by evil, because evil does roam this world. And these hospitals fight for our healing which is a success when God says it is better for one to heal. It is not a success when God says it is better for this person to be with Him. Why not do the healing Himself if He is an all-powerful God? Well, when one child falls and scrapes his knee and another child places a band aid on him, does it not make the hurt child feel less alone, help that child to know he has a friend, and simply united with the others around him? God’s love is not proud or selfish, it is unconditional… He wants us to experience love even if we give others the credit and lose our belief in Him because of it.”

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